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Need assistance configuring your new AudioFetch Signature or FetchExpress equipment? Having issues with audio quality or connecting to WiFi? Want to customize your AudioFetch app but not sure where to begin?

Below are some helpful user manuals, instructions and troubleshooting information for common support-related questions. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, check our FAQ or call us at 1-844-443-3824 to speak with a real person.

New AudioFetch Express 5 User Manual

AudioFetch Signature User Manual

AudioFetch Express User Manual

AudioFetch Express Quick Install Guide

Network Configuration Requirements for AudioFetch

How to – Rack mount AudioFetch


I’m experiencing audio quality issues

AudioFetch won’t connect to WiFi

FetchExpress won’t connect to WiFi

What do status lights mean on FetchExpress?


How to – Customize my AudioFetch app

How to – Create ads in AudioFetch app


Free Marketing Collateral

How to – Reset to factory settings

How to Download App

How to Install AudioFetch for Drive-In Church Services

Frequently Asked Questions