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Express 5

AudioFetch Express 5 is a compact and cost-effective solution that uses WiFi to transmit high-quality, low-latency audio from one or two televisions, set-top boxes, or other audio sources to personal mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Works with most smartphone-connected hearing aids.

Integrated WiFi can operate in 2.4GHz or 5GHz band and be configured as an Access Point, or can be connected hard-wired or wirelessly into a pre-existing WiFi network, making it a simple installation for fitness clubs, sports bars, movie theaters, waiting rooms, meetings, conventions or wherever users need convenient, wireless access to in-house audio sources.


FetchExpress is an extremely flexible platform suitable for many applications.

Do members at your church need assistive listening or translation audio? Are you a tour guide leading guests through a quiet museum or loud outdoor location? How about a fitness instructor holding classes in a park? Or maybe you’re hosting an outdoor movie night and don’t want to disturb the neighbors? If you want your audience to hear better without distractions (or distracting others), FetchExpress is what you need.

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“Audio quality is really great … it’s a beautiful system … it’s wonderful, it really is, …the price is right”

Tom B.
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“My senior-age members love the ease-of-use. The AudioFetch App functions well and is easy to use across all the devices we’ve encountered. I really like that the product is easy to install and maintenance-free. The one time I had a question, the support was very good.”


“We used the tour pack [FetchExpress for Tour Guide application] and it made a world of difference on the training session. Thank you!!”

Scott M.

Have your own Audiofetch story?

  • Listeners: Supports up to 100 listeners simultaneously.
  • Expandable: Expandable to support over 10,000+ listeners
  • Dual Band: Operates in 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi band
  • Dual Channel: 1 Stereo or 2 Mono audio channels
  • USB Powered: Express is powered from a USB-C jack.
  • Flexible WiFi: operates as an AccessPoint or connects into existing WiFi
  • Low Latency: Low system audio latency ≈ 115ms
  • Easy Setup: Plug-n-Play Installation, Optional Configuration via Web Browser
  • Multiple Audio Sources: Analog, Digital Coax, Digital, Optical
  • Cables Included: Free Audio (optical, digital, coax specific to customer request) plus USB power.
  • Free App: Users download App for free.
  • Straightforward Pricing: No monthly fee.
  • Run Native Advertising: Includes free advertising portal to deliver custom ads in the app.
  • Analytics Dashboard: view usage/metrics from our portal and gain valuable customer insights.
  • Request a Tour Guide Accessories Kit: USB battery, battery charger cable, headset microphone, hip pack
  • Request a Free Marketing Kit: signs, table tents, cardio clings, entrance stickers, etc.

What You’ll Need

  • / An analog, optical or digital audio source
  • / A USB-C power source
  • / Download Installation Guide
DC Power (USB-C connector) Connect to a USB charger capable of 5V at 1.5A (not included)

USB-C cable is included (3’ length)

USB Cable Requirement Power signals must be on 24 AWG or larger conductors,  recommended cable length is 6 ft maximum
Audio Inputs (3 options) Source is auto-detected/selected with this order of priority if multiple cables accidentally plugged in to a single channel:

     TOSLINK connector for digital optical

     RCA connector for digital coax

     3.5mm Stereo connector for analog audio

Number of Channels 1 (stereo),  any of the audio input connectors types may be used
Configurable 2-Channel mode 2 mono channels using 3.5mm analog audio connectors only
DC Power +5VDC  1.5A maximum
Power Adapter No power adapter is included – use a USB charger capable of 5V at 1.5A or more (purchased separately) 


Digital Optical Input


Sample Rates supported

S/PDIF signal format over fiber-optic TOSLINK cable 

Uncompressed PCM,  interleaved stereo


Digital Coax Input

Input Signal Level

Input Impedance


Sample Rates supported

S/PDIF signal format over coaxial cable

0.55 Volts P-P typical  

75 Ω

Uncompressed PCM,  interleaved stereo


Analog Input 1

     Input Signal Level

     Input Impedance

L/R Stereo into stereo 3.5mm connector, AC-coupled

2.4 Volts P-P maximum

10 KΩ minimum

Analog Input 2

  Mic Enabled (1-Ch mode)   

     Microphone compatibility

     Signal connections

     Input Signal Level

     Input Impedance


  2-Channel mode (mic not avail.)

     Input Signal Level

     Input Impedance

Condenser microphone (compatible with PC sound card inputs)

    Compatible with smartphone mics by using adapter cable

Tip: bias     Ring: input      Sleeve: ground

0.42 Volts P-P maximum

2.8 KΩ typical

3.9 KΩ to 5V typical (supplied through tip of phone jack)

L/R Stereo into stereo 3.5mm connector, AC-coupled

2.4 Volts P-P maximum

10 KΩ minimum

Audio Gain Adjustment range +20 to -100 dB in 0.5 dB steps 

Independent adjustment for each channel  and for microphone available through browser- based “Doghouse” configuration pages

Additional gain boost available for microphone

2-Channel operation (configurable) For 2-Channel operation, each 3.5mm stereo analog connector accepts a stereo signal, each of which is internally mixed into a mono signal (each channel in 2-Channel mode is mono).  Digital coax/optical connectors are still present but should not be used.  
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20KHz  +/-3dB
System Latency 115ms typical

This is based on minimal delays in the network/WiFi and thus represents sum of latencies in the AudioFetch Express – Dual Band, AudioFetch App,  and mobile device Operating System only.  WiFi, and mobile device performance can affect latency.  Some Android devices have increased latency.  Use of Bluetooth earbuds will add further latency.

WiFi AudioFetch Express – Dual Band contains built-in WiFi adapter which can operate in 2.4GHz or 5GHz WiFi band (selectable).  Operation is in selected band only,  simultaneous operation in both bands not supported.
Ethernet 1000Base-TX,  half/full duplex,   auto-negotiated 

HP Auto MDI/MDI-X configuration

     (works with either straight-through or crossover cables)

Addressing IPv4  (IPv6 not supported)
NETWORK DISCOVERY   Supported protocols by which AudioFetch App (on mobile device) can discover AudioFetch Express – Dual Band devices on the local network.  At least one of these must be supported by the local network.
SSDP Multicast based – network must support multicast traffic to/from on all connected devices (AudioFetch Express – Dual Band and all user mobile devices)
SSDP FALLBACK Modified version of SSDP – network must support multicast traffic from AudioFetch Express – Dual Band to and then forwarded to user mobile devices
mDNS one-shot Subset of mDNS, simple mDNS query packet from App with standard DNS query payload, unicast UDP response from AudioFetch Express – Dual Band with standard DNS answer payload. (See RFC 6762 section 5.1)
DNS (local DNS server required) Standard DNS protocol however the network must implement a local DNS server to intercept/respond to AudioFetch DNS queries from user mobile devices
BROADCAST FALLBACK User mobile device sends query packet to local broadcast address 
More Information: For more detailed information on discovery methods, ports, traffic, etc.,  refer to AudioFetch App Note “Network Quick Start Guide”
Frequency Range 2.402-2.472    5.170-5.250    5.735-5.815  GHz
Wireless Standard 802.11 b/g/n
WiFi Channels supported

    2.4 GHz Band

    5 GHz Band

Channels available when operating in Access Point mode:

     1 – 11,  auto

     36, 40, 44, 48, 149, 153, 157, 161

In Wireless Client Mode, will automatically connect to best available band/channel (best signal) provided by existing network’s Access Point with matching SSID, not restricted to the channels listed here

Transmit Power +21dBm (max)
Range – Open Air Test

(in Access Point Mode)

130 feet typical
Security/Encryption none (default)

WPA-PSK,  WPA-PSK2,  WPA-PSK/WPA-PSK2 mixed mode 

Networking Configuration AudioFetch Express – Dual Band typically shipped pre-configured for customer’s application.   Can be re-configured in the field through web-based configuration pages (called the “Doghouse”).
Access Point Mode


AudioFetch Express – Dual Band operates as a self-contained WiFi network with SSID:  AudioFetch Express
Wireless Client Mode AudioFetch Express – Dual Band connects as a client to pre-existing WiFi network (or as a client into another AudioFetch Express – Dual Band operating in Access Point mode)
Wired Only Mode AudioFetch Express – Dual Band connects as a client to pre-existing network via Ethernet cable
Wireless/Wired Client Mode IP Address Auto configured via DHCP (default)

Can be set to static IP address (using browser-based configuration)

Maximum number of AudioFetch devices Up to 32 AudioFetch devices operating together (on same network), can be mix of AudioFetch Express and/or AudioFetch Signature (multi-channel) devices
Access Point Mode with Internet Access AudioFetch Express operates simultaneously in Access Point Mode and connected to a pre-existing WiFi network (with Internet Access) in client mode 
Bandwidth consumed by each audio stream (stereo) 50 UDP packets per second averaging 201 bytes each 

     (includes the IP header but not physical layer header)

Therefore,  UDP (+ IP header) bandwidth is:   

     10050 bytes/sec (average) for each audio stream (~80Kbps)

Discovery and keep-alive control traffic is negligible compared to this

Bandwidth consumed by each audio stream (mono) 50 UDP packets per second averaging 121  bytes each 

     (includes the IP header but not physical layer header)

Therefore,  UDP (+ IP header) bandwidth is:   

     6050 bytes/sec (average) for each audio stream  (~48Kbps)

Discovery and keep-alive control traffic is negligible

Availability Search for “AudioFetch” in Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Cost:  Free

Android Compatibility 8.0 or later
iOS Compatibility 11.0 or later
Dimensions (not including flange or antennas) 5.30 x 2.63 x 1.25 in.
Mounting Flange Mounting flange protrude approx. 0.56 inches on one side
Drawing Enclosure drawing available upon request.


Unless stated otherwise (located on the description section of the product page), AudioFetch manufactured products may only be returned for a credit with written authorization from AudioFetch within 30 calendar days of the original invoice date. A 25% restocking fee will be charged for all returns. All products being returned to AudioFetch require a Return Authorization number. Products must be returned in original condition with the original packaging, components and support material. Credit is contingent upon inspection of returned items. Learn more about returns and refunds.