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Need help installing AudioFetch for your drive-in church services? We’ve put together a short video with installation instructions.

Equipment You’ll Need

1. AudioFetch Solution – 1+ FetchExpresses

2. Router

3. Soundboard

4. Cables – headphone cable, ethernet cable, power cables

Installation Instructions

1. Connect AudioFetch to Soundboard – Plug in one end of headphone output into the soundboard and the other end into the stereo jack on the AudioFetch device

2. Connect AudioFetch to Router – Plug in one end of ethernet cable into the router and the other end into the AudioFetch device

3. Connect Power Cables – Plug in power cables for all three pieces of equipment – AudioFetch FetchExpress, router and soundboard

This installation process is typical for most drive-in audio applications at churches and other houses of worship. If you have further questions or need additional help with your installation, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For instructions on downloading the AudioFetch app and tips for getting the word out ahead of time, visit How to Download & Use the AudioFetch App.