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AudioFetch Signature is custom-designed hardware created specifically for fast, efficient audio processing. The superior AudioFetch Signature platform is contained in a small, install-friendly enclosure (10”x6”x3” for 4, 8, 12 or 16 channels) that can be expanded in our factory, or at any point after installation, with up to 512 inputs. It is absolutely the best hardware platform with low latency, flexibility, and an incredibly easy installation.

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AudioFetch Signature is the best hardware platform for large-scale venues.

With support from 250 up to 10,000 listeners simultaneously, AudioFetch Signature is ideal for larger-scale businesses including Transportation, Health & Fitness Centers, Sports Bars & Restaurants, Museums & Tours, Entertainment Venues, Houses of Worship and more.

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“I would highly recommend using the AudioFetch app to any businesses looking to pair with a company that puts their customers first and will go above and beyond to assist their clients when needed!”

Scott C.
Certified Coach & Manager
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“Patrons love being able to hear THEIR game regardless of what might be playing on the overhead speakers. We like promoting other night’s events within the AudioFetch app as well.”

General Manager
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“We considered other systems but were blown away by the ease-of-installation-and-use with AudioFetch. My members love it. I love no monthly fees, that it’s easy to use the ad portal, and the excellent customer support.”

Carl F.
Owner & Operator

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  • Listeners: Can support 250-10,000 listeners simultaneously.
  • Scalable: Incorporates a processor-per-input enabling scaling for multiple inputs. Adding multiple AudioFetch boxes enables broadcasting of up to 512 inputs.
  • Flexible: Provides 3-connector-options (analog, optical, and digital coax) for installation flexibility, and there are no additional costs for optical adapters etc.
  • Easy install: Mount AudioFetch wherever is convenient – in a rack, in the ceiling, behind the TVs, on the wall etc.
  • Customer support: We develop, own, and support our own technology so expert support is always available.
  • Integrate into your app: API available for integrating AudioFetch into your own App.
  • Deploy native advertising: Includes free advertising portal to deliver custom ads, and other content, in the app.
  • Analytics dashboard: View usage/metrics from our portal and gain valuable customer insights.
  • Straightforward pricing: No monthly fee.
  • Ethernet available: Optional Dual Ethernet AudioFetch available which provides dedicated management port independent from WiFi port to user devices.
  • Cables Included: All audio and Ethernet cables of the length, and type, you need are included at no additional cost.
  • Free marketing kit:Signs, table tents, cardio clings, entrance stickers, etc.

What You’ll Need

  • A new or existing WiFi network providing adequate coverage.
  • Audio sources (TV, cable/satellite, microphone, etc. – anything with an audio output).



  • Cable each audio output into AudioFetch
  • Connect a single Ethernet cable from AudioFetch to your WiFi switch or router

Find full installation instructions and other information in the AudioFetch Signature User Manual.

DC Power Input on APB +12VDC 1.2A maximum
Use only the provided AudioFetch AC power adapter
AC Power Adapter (provided) AC Input:  100-240V, 50-60 Hz, .36A
DC Output:  12V, 1.5A
Digital Optical Input S/PDIF signal format over fiber-optic TOSLINK cable
Encoding: Uncompressed PCM,  interleaved stereo
Sample Rates supported: 48KHz
Digital Coax Input S/PDIF signal format over coaxial cable
Input Signal Level: 0.55 Volts P-P typical
Input Impedance: 75 Ω
Encoding: Uncompressed PCM,  interleaved stereo
Sample Rates supported: 48KHz
Analog Input L/R Stereo Channels into stereo 3.5mm connector, AC-coupled in APB
Input Signal Level: 2.4 Volts P-P maximum
Input Impedance: 12 KΩ typical
Audio Gain Adjustment range +20 to -100 dB in 0.5 dB steps
Independent adjustment for each channel available through web based configuration pages (applies to Digital and Analog inputs)
Simultaneous connected users (audio-streams) on each APB 250 standard (Expandable for up to 10,000)
System Latency
(time delay between audio input on AudioFetch and headphone output on mobile device)
1 user: 115ms typical
250 users: 120ms typical
These are based on minimal delays in the network/WiFi and thus represent sum of latencies in AudioFetch, the AudioFetch App,  and mobile device Operating System only. Network, WiFi, and mobile device performance can affect latency.  Some Android devices have greater latency.
Ethernet Port 100Base-TX,  half/full duplex,   auto-negotiated
HP Auto MDI/MDI-X configuration (works with either straight-through or crossover cables)
IP Address Auto configured via DHCP (default) Can be set to static IP address (using  included configuration manager web portal or App (Doghouse))
IP version support IPv4
Streaming traffic for audio channels Other than occasional control packets,  each audio stream consists of UDP unicast packets outgoing from the APB
Bandwidth consumed by each audio stream (Stereo APBs) 50 UDP packets per second approximately 201  bytes each (includes the IP header but not physical layer header) Therefore,  UDP (+ IP header) bandwidth is approximately 10,050 bytes/sec for each audio stream Discovery and keep-alive control traffic is negligible compared to this
Bandwidth consumed by each audio stream (MONO APBs) 50 UDP packets per second approximately 121  bytes each (includes the IP header but not physical layer header)
Therefore,  UDP (+ IP header) bandwidth is approximately 6,050 bytes/sec for each audio stream
Discovery and keep-alive control traffic is negligible

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AudioFetch Home

AudioFetch Home is a low-cost, easy-to-install, maintenance-free package that turns your home into a more peaceful, enjoyable and high-tech environment!


Rack Mount Rails

Rack Rails for 19″ rack space flush-mounting of a single AudioFetch chassis (6″ height).



For a single audio source, your audience only sees a single channel on the app, making it simple and intuitive to connect to the audio.