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How does wifi audio streaming work? What types of businesses benefit from AudioFetch? Check out common questions about our technology and products, and how to get the most from your AudioFetch system.

Is there a monthly charge?

No. There are no recurring fees whatsoever. Purchase the equipment and it’s yours to use as much as you like! If you prefer, we can likely spread your AudioFetch purchase out over monthly payments. AudioFetch will also manage your ad portal content for a monthly fee if needed but we generally recommend customers login and post their own content since it is so very easy to do.

Have more questions? Check out our on-demand webinar, which details all of the features and benefits of AudioFetch, and explains the differences between our various solutions.

Is the AudioFetch App free to download?

Yes. The App is free and continuously updated as new phones and operating systems come on the market.

Does AudioFetch update the AudioFetch App at no obligation to customers?

Yes! The AudioFetch App operates with most Android and Apple hardware and operating systems in the industry. Future unlimited Apple and Android App and software updates are included with the purchase of AudioFetch.

Must AudioFetch be connected to the internet?

No. AudioFetch does not need to be on an Internet connected WiFi network to provide local audio to WiFi connected devices but we generally recommend connecting the WiFi to the internet for the overall user experience and to allow cloud-based ad-serving capability and the cloud-based usage portal to function.

Does AudioFetch provide ad capabilities?

Yes. Purchase of AudioFetch includes free ad portal access for posting your message, logo, and other information. When the user taps the ad, they can be directed to a website, e-mail address, phone number, or all three as configured by the system owner. The ad portal is effective and easy to use.

Have more questions? Check out our on-demand webinar, which details all of the features and benefits of AudioFetch, and explains the differences between our various solutions.

Does AudioFetch provide usage/metrics insights?

Yes. Purchase of AudioFetch includes free access to cloud-based metrics showing usage of your particular AudioFetch to include numbers of users, session durations, channels listened to, ad clicks, and other helpful metrics.

What are the WiFi network requirements?

AudioFetch interfaces and function well with existing WiFi networks more often than not. Unlike some competitors, we do not recommend adding a WiFi network dedicated to AudioFetch since it adds cost and maintenance. WiFi Network general considerations include:
– High-end consumer grade equipment at a minimum for smaller facilities, small business/enterprise equipment for medium or large facilities
– 300 Mbps N mode minimum
– Dual band (2.4GHz/5GHz) recommended
– Access Point with adequate WiFi range for facility
– Quality of Service and per-user bandwidth limits should be set
– Wired/Ethernet portion of network should be gigabit-capable if heavily used

Does AudioFetch use much internet bandwidth?

No. AudioFetch does not need to be connected to the internet to provide local audio to smartphones and tablets. However, we do recommend an internet connection for the best user experience. When connected to the internet, there are low bandwidth custom ads served to the App and usage metrics are reported to the cloud server.

Does AudioFetch use much WiFi bandwidth?

No. The raw audio bitrate without overhead is approximately 64kbps per user. With some additional overhead we conservatively round up to estimate that each audio stream consumes about 100 kilobits per second (kbps) of total network bandwidth. Assuming 100 users equals 10 megabits per second (mbps) total network bandwidth consumed by the system at peak use. 10mpbs is only 10% of the 100mbps Ethernet connection between AudioFetch device and the local networking equipment, and only 1% of any gigabit connections which may exist in other portions of the network.

Typically 100 users would be distributed over 2 Wireless Access Points (APs) and, if we assume equal distribution of users between these, then the total bandwidth consumed by the AudioFetch streams on each access point will be 5mbps. This is about 10% of a 54mbps 802.11g max bitrate connection, 5% of a 100mbps 802.11n connection, and just 2% of a 300mbps 802.11n connection.

How are software updates accomplished?

The AudioFetch App is continuously updated and maintained in the Apple iTunes and Google play stores. There are infrequent software updates made to the AudioFetch hardware. Should one be needed, the update is made automatically from our cloud-based servers to all Internet connected AudioFetch hardware, which looks for new software updates at every power up and hourly through its lifetime.

Does purchase of the AudioFetch system include any updates of the AudioFetch hardware that may be required?

Yes, any software updates that may be required are included with the purchase of AudioFetch.

Where do I mount AudioFetch?

The low profile, lightweight AudioFetch hardware can be rack-mounted, mounted in-ceiling, or tie strapped, or bolted to any horizontal or vertical surface.

Are audio and Ethernet cables included?

Yes. AudioFetch provides audio and ethernet cables of the type and length you specify at the time of order.

Is there a public address override feature to interrupt listeners with important messages?

Yes. AudioFetch includes the capability to interrupt standard audio with a live public address message for paging or emergency notifications.

How good is the audio delay/latency of the AudioFetch system?

AudioFetch has a distributed processing platform that scales with the number of channels to ensure the lowest latency possible. The techniques employed in the development of the mobile AudioFetch App also ensure minimal latency. Other systems with central processing computers have a lot of overhead and can bog down as channels are added or do not employ all the mobile App techniques to minimize latency for Apple and Android phones.

Does AudioFetch provide other competitive features in the marketplace?

Yes. AudioFetch provides space in the App for AudioFetch facilities to provide facility-specific information updates, ads, and other offers. The AudioFetch configuration management portal included with every AudioFetch hardware purchase provides access to metrics describing App usage. The flexible, low profile AudioFetch platform is easy to deploy and cost-effective.

An accessory product called ACCORDIO provides 900MHz and FM wireless audio inputs to the AudioFetch system to minimize cabling. AudioFetch operates seamlessly with many off-the-shelf WiFi routers and networks. AudioFetch is the developer of its technology and not beholden to third parties that provide private labeled technology for others to market without regard for their capability to support the technology.

Check out our product comparison to understand the differences among AudioFetch solutions. Learn more about how we compare to others or contact us today.

Have more questions? Check out our on-demand webinar, which details all of the features and benefits of AudioFetch, and explains the differences between our various solutions.

Where are the AudioFetch products created?

Product development and assembly for all AudioFetch products happens at our headquarters in beautiful Berthoud, Colorado.

How do we get our members/patrons to use AudioFetch?

We provide you with free marketing materials that let your guests know AudioFetch is available at your business, along with instructions on how to use it. The materials are different for each venue. If you are a sports bar or restaurant, we’ll send you window clings and table tents. If you are a fitness studio, you’ll get equipment cling and fliers. Churches and other venues receive a digital package with several options for posters, announcements on programs or newsletters, and other signage. Do you need something specific? Just ask! Our team will work with you to create the signage you need.

How do I budget for AudioFetch?

If you would like to offer AudioFetch to your guests or members but haven’t budgeted for it, just talk to us. We’re happy to discuss a payment plan that works best for you.

Have more questions? Check out our on-demand webinar, which details all of the features and benefits of AudioFetch, and explains the differences between our various solutions.

What if our members don’t have smartphones?

Although it may seem like everyone and their baby has a smartphone, we know that’s not really the case. Try asking your congregation (if you are a church) or customers (if you are another type of organization or business) to donate their unused phones. You might be surprised at how many people have old smartphones laying around, and would be happy to get rid of them.

Do my guests have to listen with headphones?

Not necessarily. Most venues find that allowing their guests to listen using headphones plugged into their smartphone or tablet reduces noise pollution for other guests. But there are other uses for AudioFetch. If you would like to broadcast the same audio to a larger room or maybe have folks listen in from another nearby room, you can use bluetooth speakers. It works similar to using headphones–simply download the AudioFetch app, connect to the local WiFi network, pair the device with the bluetooth speaker and start streaming!

What if my guests have hearing aids? Can they still use AudioFetch?

Yes! We’ve found that hearing aid users benefit from the audio enhancement provided through the AudioFetch app. Listeners simply connect the hearing aid to their smartphone via bluetooth, a feature supported by most of the major hearing aid manufacturers, including Oticon, Phonak, GN ReSound, Widex, etc.

My business isn’t listed in the venues you work with. Can I still use AudioFetch?

Of course! AudioFetch has myriad applications. Warehouses use AudioFetch to stream music to their employees on the factory floor. Community organizations use it to stream sound for outdoor movie nights. Fitness instructors use FetchExpress to coach their students in outdoor bootcamps. Tour guides use it to educate guests in quiet museums and noisy shuttle buses. And homeowners use AudioFetch Home as a home audio solution for their home gyms, home theaters, or listening to TV without disturbing others or using a hearing aid. 

If your audience needs to hear better–regardless of who or where they are–we can help! Check out an interactive map of all the different types of businesses and organizations using AudioFetch around the world and contact us to learn how AudioFetch can be used for your business or organization.

Have more questions? Check out our on-demand webinar, which details all of the features and benefits of AudioFetch, and explains the differences between our various solutions.

Can I test out AudioFetch before buying?

You bet! We offer a 30-day risk-free trial of any AudioFetch products with a credit card. If you love it (and we know you will!), keep it and we’ll charge the card on file. If you don’t, send it back before the trial period is up, and you won’t be charged.  Before you sent it back, however, we encourage you to reach out to see if our customer support team can help you have a better experience. If you’d like to experience the AudioFetch app as an end user, contact us to find a facility in your area using it. Businesses all over the world are using AudioFetch, so there’s sure to be one near you!

Do you offer other audio streaming products?

Yes! Through Sports Bar Audio we offer solutions for sports bars, pubs and restaurants, including table top speakers and traditional speaker systems. We also offer a wide range of fitness entertainment solutions through our parent company, BroadcastVision Entertainment.

Check out a product comparison chart to learn the differences between our various audio over WiFi streaming solutions.

Have more questions? Check out our on-demand webinar, which details all of the features and benefits of AudioFetch, and explains the differences between our various solutions.

Can I interface AudioFetch into my own App?

There are two ways to integrate AudioFetch into your App.  We provide the software and support for both options.

If I open another app on my phone or tablet, will AudioFetch continue to stream audio?

Yes, if you open a second app or even multiple other apps, AudioFetch will continue to stream the TV, music or whatever the audio source is in the background.

To stop audio from running in the background, simply close the AudioFetch app by accessing the app switcher and swiping up from the bottom of the screen. This method works for most of the recent versions of iOS and Android.

Still have questions?

Check our support documents and user manuals, watch our on-demand product overview webinar or contact us for further assistance.