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Do you have a story to tell about your experience with AudioFetch?

Every story is unique and meaningful, and we love hearing them and sharing them. If you’d like, you can share your experience with us. And if you’d like to leave a review for a specific product, please visit the product page. Thank you!

Our Saviour’s United Methodist Church

“I recently purchased AudioFetch Express to add hearing assistance to our Sunday worship services. I was excited about all the features and the ability to use the same device for inside the church and for tours. I am very impressed with how easy AudioFetch was to set up and use. My hard-of-hearing parents felt it worked well also. Integrating AudioFetch into our church audio system was a breeze. We were able to get multiple users up and running quickly. For any questions we had, we received excellent support. Highly recommended!!”

Scott M

US Playing Card Company

“We used the tour pack [AudioFetch Express for tour application] and it made a world of difference on the training session. Thank you!!”

Galen S

World Lutheran Deaf Outreach (WLDO) Ministry

“I have purchased 3 AudioFetch products (2 Home and 1 Express) within the last 6 months. I am impressed and excited with the amazing hearing-assist capability of these systems. The AudioFetch Home and Express are small, self-contained systems that can generate their own WiFi network or can easily connect to an existing secure (encrypted/password protected) network. They work straight out of the box and can even operate with a small USB battery pack providing a highly mobile configuration, up in 15 minutes. One of the Home systems is used daily at my house for personal TV watching/listening. My hearing is significantly impaired (60% loss) and I really can’t understand TV programs without it; but with AudioFetch streaming to my Bluetooth hearing aids via my iPhone, the audio is crystal clear. The other two AudioFetch systems are used by our WLDO Hearing Impaired/Deaf Ministry pastor who ministers full time to hearing impaired and deaf people in our area and all across the US. He uses these highly mobile AudioFetch systems in numerous ways while visiting with many churches and congregations in our area. These congregations are sometimes large, but more often small and particularly well suited, I believe, by the AudioFetch (Home and Express) products both for worship and small group study. The AudioFetch Home and Express systems offer tremendous capability for 1-4 or 30-100 people in a highly affordable and easy to use package. The Apps work great and the WiFi networking is simple enough for me to set up; but excellent user Support is always available if needed. Excellent value – highly recommended hearing assist solution.”

Scott C – Manager & Certified Coach

Anytime Fitness, Canton

“Thank you for the exceptional service and technical support I received from you and your staff at AudioFetch! I really appreciate your dedication and commitment to helping us fix our issues, customer service like yours is hard to find these days.

I would highly recommend using the AudioFetch app to any businesses looking to pair with a company that puts their customers first and will go above and beyond to assist their clients when needed!”

Tom B

St. Thomas Church

“Audio quality is really great … it’s a beautiful system … it’s wonderful, it really is, …the price is right”

Brent M – President & Founder

Hooked Up Installs

“I just want to say your product is amazing!  We just finished the install and we could not be happier, and I wish every manufacturer was like you guys!  AMAZING PRODUCT!!!!”

Nathan P

Abertay University, Dundee UK

“We were able to get the audio to broadcast over different subnets which means that staff and students who are split over different vlans can connect at the same time. It’s really quite something!! The app is plain and straight forward. We will certainly put these into any installs going forward which require assistive listening. I’m very impressed and glad I found AudioFetch!!

Ross G – Managing Director

Pumphouse and RedZone Sports Bars

“AudioFetch has been a valuable addition to the Pumphouse / RedZone sports bars experience. AudioFetch eliminates guest issues regarding overhead audio by simply referring them to the easy-to-use AudioFetch App.”

Greg L – Owner

Champions Health and Fitness

“The Champions Health and Fitness staff and members love AudioFetch. It worked flawlessly from the get-go and all we hear is positive feedback from the users.”

Tom M – Sales Engineer

Audio Video Excellence, Inc (AVX)

“The verdict on AudioFetch is it has negated the need to further consider other systems we reviewed because they don’t even come close. This is very good gear for a good price.”

Joe W – Owner

Supreme Health & Fitness

“AudioFetch was easy to install myself. They provided all the cables and the system really is plug-n-play. The customer support even included providing the necessary splitter cables to keep my existing cardiotheater-style system functional while adding AudioFetch.

Jamie R

Anytime Fitness

“Love it! We switched to Audiofetch in the gym I manage and it has worked great! Everyone loves how clear the sound comes through. We had one issue with one members phone so I emailed them and within about 10 minutes I had a response with how to fix it. Great product, great application, and great customer service. What more could you ask for?

Terri K-T

Jewish Community Center

“We’ve installed our AudioFetch system and we are very pleased with its performance. The transmission/reception is crystal clear.”

Justin J – Manager

Sexy Pizza

“AudioFetch has been really great for bringing in the sports crowd. Families especially like coming in for the AudioFetch experience since those that want to hear the game can now enjoy it.”

Jordan V

YMCA, Canada

“In short, I love it. The hook up is simple and I’m very impressed with the fact there is zero audio delay.

Joe Y – Owner

Anytime Fitness

“I’m thoroughly satisfied with AudioFetch. I recommend it to my colleagues for their clubs.

Carl F – Owner

Snap Fitness

“We considered other systems but were blown away by the ease-of-installation-and-use with AudioFetch. My members love it. I love no monthly fees, that it’s easy to use the ad portal, and the excellent customer support.

Daniel M – Owner


“My senior-age members love the ease-of-use. The AudioFetch App functions well and is easy to use across all the devices we’ve encountered. I really like that the product is easy to install and maintenance-free. The one time I had a question, the support was very good.”

Terry A – Owner

Anytime Fitness Denver

“AudioFetch was one of the best investments I made for my new facility. Everything was good from the get-go; including the easy installation! My members and employees love it! They listen through the easily downloaded app- right to their personal phones! One-time purchase, which, includes everything you need. And no on-going subscription or monthly fees. No wires hanging from the ceiling; sleek and clean. And the sales and customer service team didn’t forget about me after my purchase: they are there EVERY time we call- FOR ANYTHING. I’ll be upgrading my other facility to AudioFetch!

Randy – Manager

Sharky’s Bar n Grille

“Patrons love being able to hear THEIR game regardless of what might be playing on the overhead speakers. We like promoting other night’s events within the AudioFetch app as well.”

Mike L

Winterville Church of Christ

“We are taking audio from our adult class and our worship service and sending it to a specialized computer to do instant translation from English to Spanish. Then we send it to AudioFetch and people in the auditorium can start the App on their phones and hear everything in Spanish. It’s an amazing set up. This is so much cleaner than trying to do Bluetooth with multiple transmitters and receivers. And AudioFetch worked correctly from the first time I plugged it in. Sure wish the rest of the system worked that well!”

AudioFetch App User

University installation

“Easy to download and connect to. The quality of sound was very good. There were no problems with dropouts or dips in the quality of the output.”

Chris R

Palmetto Engineering & Consulting

“I appreciate your promptness, politeness and overall great attitude. It is rare in customer service today. You will have a lifelong customer.”

Ronald T

AudioFetch Express Customer

“I never gave much concern for the hearing impaired until I encountered sudden hearing loss. I ended up with a Cochlear Implant and used an FM receiver and neck loop to listen to church services. It was not bad but awkward. I searched for a year and found AudioFetch. I was amazed at the clear sound and convenience when I connected to the audio wireless network with the iPhone. This works as well as the $15,000 to $20,000 loop systems that connect to modern hearing aids. I will spread the word to other hearing impaired and how their life can be improved with AudioFetch and help minimize the social stigma that we hearing impaired people encounter. There are many options and expertise is available to help. I appreciate the lifestyle improvement that AudioFetch has made for me. Thank you”


AudioFetch Express Customer

“We were in need of a classroom solution for students who had trouble hearing their instructor(s) in a variety of classroom/lecture rooms. We did some research and came across the FetchExpress. Because this works through our WiFi, the FetchExpress works in any size room. Students just download an app on their smartphone if they want to listen using their own headphones, earbuds, or hearing aids. The setup was simple and it’s easy to use for our students, far more convenient than our previous system that required students to get a separate device they needed to wear and swap out every time they changed rooms.”

Do you have a story to tell about your experience with AudioFetch?

Every story is unique and meaningful, and we love hearing them all! Please share your experience here.