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AudioFetch Home is a next-generation audio streaming solution suitable for many home applications. Do you want to watch TV in bed without disturbing your partner? Want to hear the TV better when working out in your home gym? Have trouble hearing the TV but don’t want to use a hearing aid at home or want to listen through your Bluetooth enabled hearing aid? Looking for innovative technology to round out your high-tech home theater setup? AudioFetch Home is what you need for these applications and more!

AudioFetch Home can be used with your existing wireless network, or through its built-in WiFi. Setup is quick and intuitive, simply plug your TV, computer or other audio source into AudioFetch Home, connect to the appropriate wireless network from your phone, and start listening! Easy as that! 

AudioFetch Home is designed to broadcast a single audio source, but can be paired with other AudioFetch Homes to stream audio from multiple sources (we recommend up to 8 additional Homes on a single network). 

AudioFetch Home is a low-cost, easy-to-install, maintenance-free package that turns your home into a more peaceful, enjoyable and high-tech environment!


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  • Listeners: Supports up to 4 listeners simultaneously. 
  • USB Powered: AudioFetch Home is powered from a USB or standard USB block plugged into an outlet.
  • Cables Included: Free Audio (6’ optical plus 6’ RCA plus 6’ headphone jack) plus USB power.
  • Flexible WiFi: Use the integrated AudioFetch WiFi or use your existing home WiFi.
  • Free App: Download AudioFetch App for free.
  • Straightforward Pricing: No monthly fee.
  • Same-Day Shipping: Order by 12:00 pm EST and your product will be out the door that day!


What You’ll Need

An audio source and USB power source.

Find full installation instructions and other details in the Quick Install Guide.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 2.5 × 1 in

2 years

User Type

Silent TV listening, Home Gym Audio, Ultimate Multi-TV Home Theater or Man Cave, Gaming

DC POWER (USB Mini-B) Connect to a powered USB port on TV or USB charger (not included)USB Type A to USB Mini-B cable is included (3’ length)
Audio Inputs (Three options for each channel) Source is auto-detected/selected with this order of priority if multiple cables accidentally plugged in to a single channel:     TOSLINK connector for digital optical     RCA connector for digital coax     3.5mm Stereo connector for analog audio
Number of Channels 1 (stereo)
Optional Model mono operation 2 mono channels using 3.5mm analog audio connector only
DC Power Draw +5VDC  320mA typical
Power Adapter No power adapter is included – use an available powered USB port on TV/etc.,  or use a USB charger (purchased separately)
Digital Optical Input S/PDIF signal format over fiber-optic TOSLINK cable
Encoding: Uncompressed PCM,  interleaved stereo
Sample Rates supported: 48KHz
Digital Coax Input S/PDIF signal format over coaxial cable
Input Signal Level: 0.55 Volts P-P typical
Input Impedance: 75 Ω
Encoding: Uncompressed PCM,  interleaved stereo
Sample Rates supported: 48KHz
Analog Input L/R Stereo Channels into stereo 3.5mm connector, AC-coupled in APB
Input Signal Level: 2.4 Volts P-P maximum
Input Impedance: 12 KΩ typical
Audio Gain Adjustment range +20 to -100 dB in 0.5 dB stepsIndependent adjustment for each channel available through browser- based configuration pages
MONO operation Each 3.5mm stereo analog connector accepts 2 independent mono signals through a provided adapter.  Digital coax/optical connectors are present but shouldn’t be used.
NOTE:  Mono-capable units are separate models
System Latency 115ms typical
This is based on minimal delays in the network/WiFi and thus represent sum of latencies in the AudioFetch Express, AudioFetch App,  and mobile device Operating System only.   WiFi, and mobile device performance can affect latency.  Some Android devices have increased latency.
WiFi AudioFetch Home contains built-in WiFi adapter
Ethernet Not available
Frequency Range 2.412 GHz – 2.484 GHz
Wireless Standard 802.11 b/g/n
Transmit Power 802.11b:  +20dBm (max)
802.11g:  +18dBm (max)
802.11n:  +15dBm (max)
Range – Open Air Test(in Access Point Mode) 130 feet typical
Security None (default) / WEP / WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK / WAPI
Encryption WEP64 / WEP128 / TKIP / AES
Networking Configuration Current version is factory configurable for the supported modes, future versions will be re-configurable in the field
Access Point Mode (default) AudioFetch Home operates as a self-contained WiFi network with SSID:  AudioFetch Home
Client Mode AudioFetch Home connects as a client to pre-existing WiFi network
Client Mode IP Address Auto configured via DHCP (default)
Can be set to static IP address (using browser-based configuration)
Cooperative Mode Multiple AudioFetch Home devices connect (Client Mode) into a WiFi network which can be either pre-existing or one of the AudioFetch Home devices operating in Access Point Mode
Cooperative Mode number of AudioFetch Home devices Current version is factory configurable for up to 4 AudioFetch Home devices operating together (on same network)
Access Point Mode with Internet Access AudioFetch Home operates simultaneously in Access Point Mode and connected to a pre-existing WiFi network (with Internet Access) in client mode
Bandwidth consumed by each audio stream (stereo) 50 UDP packets per second averaging 201  bytes each     (includes the IP header but not physical layer header)Therefore,  UDP (+ IP header) bandwidth is:       10050 bytes/sec (average) for each audio stream (~80Kbps)Discovery and keep-alive control traffic is negligible compared to this
Bandwidth consumed by each audio stream (mono) 50 UDP packets per second averaging 121  bytes each     (includes the IP header but not physical layer header)Therefore,  UDP (+ IP header) bandwidth is:       6050 bytes/sec (average) for each audio stream  (~48Kbps)Discovery and keep-alive control traffic is negligible
Availability Search for “AudioFetch” in Google Play Store or iTunes App StoreCost:  Free
Android Compatibility 3.0 and newer
iOS Compatibility 6.0 and newer