Delight your customers by enabling them to hear gym TV audio throughout the facility without being tethered to cardio equipment, and create a safer space by reducing the number of surfaces members and staff come into contact with throughout the club.

Why AudioFetch for Fitness?

AudioFetch is the proud creation of Broadcastvision Entertainment and Waio Inc., leveraging over 15 years of experience to create the premier next generation wireless audio streaming product.

Traditional cardio-theater style systems dictate exercisers listen only at the cardiovascular equipment. Now exercisers are unleashed from the cardio equipment and free to enjoy the gym TV audio throughout the facility, while business owners eliminate the cost and maintenance of audio receivers at each piece of cardio equipment. No more audio jacks to maintain and replace!

Additionally, instead of using entertainment screens attached to cardio machines or allowing anyone to control shared TVs or sound systems, members use their own smartphones to listen to TV audio or music throughout the club. This reduces the number of surfaces that members come into contact with at the club. It also limits the amount of equipment that must be disinfected by your staff throughout the day.

Real-Time Audio Streaming

Guaranteed low audio latency. Smartphone audio and TV video sync together.

Customize Your Marketing

Display your logo & custom ads within the app to a captive audience.

API Ready

Have your own app? Integrate AudioFetch into your own app using our API.

Hassle-Free Installation

Plug-n-play installation using your existing WiFi – no custom configuration required.

Multiple Input Types

Accepts 3 types of audio input (analog, optical or digital coax).

From 1 to 512 Audio Inputs

AudioFetch is efficient, flexible, and provides maximum performance across all applications.

Connect your devices - TV, Satellite, Cable IPTV
AudioFetch Broadcasts using 1-512 channels via a router
Customers listen to AudioFetch live via a smartphone or tablet

What Our Fitness Customers Say

"In short, I love it. The hook up is simple and I’m very impressed with the fact there is zero audio delay."

Jordan VYMCA, Canada

"AudioFetch was one of the best investments I made for my new facility. Everything was good from the get-go; including the easy installation! My members and employees love it! They listen through the easily downloaded app- right to their personal phones! One-time purchase, which, includes everything you need. And no on-going subscription or monthly fees. No wires hanging from the ceiling; sleek and clean. And the sales and customer service team didn’t forget about me after my purchase: they are there EVERY time we call- FOR ANYTHING. I’ll be upgrading my other facility to AudioFetch!"

Terry A - OwnerAnytime Fitness Denver & Anytime Fitness Highlands

"The Champions Health and Fitness staff and members love AudioFetch. It worked flawlessly from the get-go and all we hear is positive feedback from the users."

Greg L - Owner Champions Health and Fitness

"AudioFetch was easy to install myself. They provided all the cables and the system really is plug-n-play. The customer support even included providing the necessary splitter cables to keep my existing cardiotheater-style system functional while adding AudioFetch."

Joe W - Owner Supreme Health & Fitness

"Love it! We switched to Audiofetch in the gym I manage and it has worked great! Everyone loves how clear the sound comes through. We had one issue with one members phone so I emailed them and within about 10 minutes I had a response with how to fix it. Great product, great application, and great customer service. What more could you ask for?"

Jamie RAnytime Fitness

"I’m thoroughly satisfied with AudioFetch. I recommend it to my colleagues for their clubs."

Joe Y - OwnerAnytime Fitness

"We considered ot"her systems but were blown away by the ease-of-installation-and-use with AudioFetch. My members love it. I love no monthly fees, that it’s easy to use the ad portal, and the excellent customer support."

Carl F - OwnerSnap Fitness

I just wanted to say thank you again for the exceptional service and technical support I received from you and your staff at AudioFetch! I really appreciate your dedication and commitment to helping us fix our issues, customer service like yours is hard to find these days.

I would highly recommend using the AudioFetch app to any businesses looking to pair with a company that puts their customers first and will go above and beyond to assist their clients when needed!

Scott C - Manager & Certified CoachAnytime Fitness, Canton

My wife and I own PURENERGY Fitness in northern Wyoming. We have been open for 10 years and started out using some competitors products until we found AudioFetch. We have had AudioFetch for 7 years with no issues, it updates itself and just works as designed without me having to babysit it. I have contacted AudioFetch support due to changing layouts in the gym and they helped me getting their system rewired and were always very helpful and friendly over the phone. More companies could learn a lot from how AudioFetch runs their company and technical support. Thanks guys for a great product that is super clear and easy to use!

Nolan M.Owner

Featured Products

AudioFetch FetchExpress Product - Audio Over WiFi Streaming Solution


  • Single input, use up to eight in one area
  • Wi-Fi built-in
  • Powered via USB jack or wall outlet
  • Cable-free installation
AudioFetch Signature Product - Audio Over WiFi Streaming Solution

AudioFetch Signature

  • 1 – 512 Inputs
  • Connects to your router
  • Cabled installation
  • Rack-mountable

Customize the AudioFetch App

Customize the AudioFetch app interface to match your brand, display info via PDFs, place advertisements, and keep customers informed.

AudioFetch Marketing App - AudioFetch Audio Over WiFi