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Returns & Refunds

Orders placed may only be canceled in writing within 24 hours from the signature date on the AudioFetch proposal or Purchase Order submission date. Change Orders are subject to review and acceptance by AudioFetch and depend upon the nature of the change. Non-AudioFetch manufactured products, and “Special Orders” are not considered stock items and require a deposit upon ordering. These items may not be refused, canceled, or returned without the expressed written consent of AudioFetch.  All refused shipments that have not been canceled in writing will not be credited but can be reprocessed and returned to the customer with additional shipping charges and a $10.00 order-processing fee.


AudioFetch Stock Items Returned for Credit

Unless stated otherwise (located on the description section of the product page), AudioFetch manufactured products may only be returned for a credit with written authorization from AudioFetch within 30 calendar days of the original invoice date. A 25% restocking fee will be charged for all returns. All products being returned to AudioFetch require a Return Authorization number. Products must be returned in original condition with the original packaging, components and support material. Credit is contingent upon inspection of returned items.


Return Authorizations

A Return Authorization number must be issued from AudioFetch prior to any item being returned for credit, repair or exchange.  Items returned without approval will be refused and returned to the sender.  Requests for a Return Authorization number may be made to our Customer Service Department at 1-888-330-4283 x 3.



If someone other than a Certified AudioFetch Technician performs the installation then you agree to waive installation services therefore AudioFetch holds no liability, and you therefore assumes complete and full responsibility for the outcome of the installation. Proper signal quality and power are required prior to installation for personal screen and TV installs unless otherwise stated on the proposal.  Installation quotes without a site survey are estimates only.  All proposals do not include installation of product(s) unless otherwise stated on the proposal.


Repairs and Replacements

A warranty repair of AudioFetch manufactured product includes parts, labor and the return shipping to the customer. Repairs made while under warranty are covered for the duration of the valid warranty period. Warranties do not include on-site service.  Advance Replacements of items in question may be arranged if the product is within 45 calendar days of invoice date and is subject to product availability.  Advance Replacements must be secured by the customer with a valid credit card.  If the product is not returned to AudioFetch within 15 calendar days, the credit card will be charged. If the product is returned after 30 calendar days, there will be a 15% restocking fee.  After 45-calendar days, there will be no returns allowed.



All products sold by AudioFetch carry the original manufacturers’ warranty.  Warranties begin on the invoice date of purchase from AudioFetch or valid authorized AudioFetch Dealer / Distributor’s invoice date. Warranties may alternately begin on the date of installation when a valid Installation Job Completion Form is submitted from an authorized AudioFetch Dealer, Distributor or Installer. Warranties do not cover damage due to abuse, misuse, modification or the result of any third party.  Warranties are not transferable and cover only the original purchaser with a valid invoice.  Manufacturers will, at their option repair or replace equipment, as they deem necessary.  Warranties do not include on-site service.


QUESTIONS: Contact support at 888.330.4283 x 3 or support@audiofetch.com.