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How to Help the Hard of Hearing at Church this Holiday

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The messages given at holiday services are special and thematic.  It is especially important that the sermon be heard plainly by everyone, including any new guests who may like to return throughout the year.  Your house of worship may be wondering, how can we help hard-of-hearing patrons in church? Because there are more people in attendance, there is […]

The Benefits of a Personal PA System

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Whether you’re a factory manager, a tour guide, a minister or a sports bar manager, you understand the importance of keeping your people happy. Information is today’s currency, and there is so much of it, coming so quickly, that being able to convey and understand critical information is of top importance. Communication is essential, whether between your […]

Is Audio Streaming Right for Your House of Worship?

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A house of worship should be a place that brings people from all walks of life together for fellowship. With young and old, bilingual speakers and various disabilities all coming together in one space, a house of worship needs solutions to help meet its congregation’s audio needs. It used to be that adding assistive listening […]

4 Non-Traditional Donation Type for Churches

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Churches and other houses of worship thrive on the generous offerings made by their members. But monetary giving during services is just one way that members can support their church. There are several others methods for giving and items that churches need to operate. If you’re in need other types of donations or would like […]

Your Congregation Needs To Hear You This Holiday

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As the holidays approach, lights appear, carols are sung, and places of worship are packed! Religious leaders know to expect a few more sheep around the holiday, and welcome all the new faces. With the blessing of larger crowds, however, a few challenges do arise. Depending on the venue, background noise from even the most […]