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How to Broadcast Your Church Service to Cars in Parking Lots

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Churches and houses of worship are making changes to how they deliver messages to congregations while practicing social distancing. Some churches are turning to online tools, virtual hangouts, and social media to spread the good word. 

Other churches, however, have found an ingenious solution for still bringing their communities together in a single location, while maintaining a safe physical distance. The solution: They’re hosting parking lot services! 

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve spoken to a number of churches creating these parking lost services and wanted to help others bring this same “drive-in” style sermon to their members. We are able to offer two options through our audio streaming products.

Using AudioFetch Express and FM Transmitter for Church Parking Lot Services

Option 1: Using an AudioFetch Express to Broadcast to Smartphones

If you’ve already purchased our AudioFetch Express product, you simply need to re-direct your WiFi to broadcast to your parking lot. Your members then simply download and open the AudioFetch App from the app store, and then they can listen in real-time from their phone or any Bluetooth-connected speakers. 

Here’s how the FetchExpress works:

  • Broadcast your service 300+ feet in all directions and up to 50 users.
  • Have your members park in the parking lot and remain in their vehicles.
  • Send the audio over the built-in WiFi of the unit or plug into your network.
  • Plug the AudioFetch Express into your audio output.
  • The AudioFetch Express will broadcast your service to each member who has a smartphone or tablet.
  • The app is free on Google Play and iTunes.
  • They can now hear your message while keeping the proper distance.
Listening to Church Services in Car with AudioFetch Express

Option 2: Using an FM Transmitter to Broadcast to the Radio

With the FM Transmitter offered by our partner company Broadcastvision Entertainment, churches can broadcast a message to people listening to the radio while sitting in their cars. 

Here’s how the FM Transmitter works:

  • Broadcast your service 300+ feet in all directions. Unlimited users.
  • Have your members park in the parking lot and remain in their vehicles.
  • Select an FM frequency that is currently not in use.
  • Plug the FM Transmitter into your audio output.
  • The FM Transmitter will broadcast the sermon to each members’ car radio.
  • Your members only need to tune into the FM station you selected.
  • They can now hear your message while keeping the proper distance.
  • Place a sandwich board or other signage throughout the parking lot to direct listeners to the right station. 

For further instruction on how to use the FM Transmitter, click the button below to download the manual.

Listening to Church Sermon with Car Radio

These parking lot services popped up in communities across the globe. In Odessa, Texas, Connection Community Church took their service to their parking lot. In Dora, Alabama, one church held services in the parking lot of a local restaurant. In Vancouver, Washington, parishioners sat in their cars to hear a “drive-in” style service.  

If you are interested in bringing your services to your parking lot, we’re offering a discount of $60 on our FetchExpress and FM Transmitters. Simply visit our Broadcastvision website and use the following code during checkout: AFCHURCH60.

We’re also offering a special bundled package that includes both the AudioFetch Express, the FM Transmitter, and an RCA audio splitter so you can connect both units to one audio source. This bundled package can also be found at our Broadcastvision website

We appreciate your business and hope our technology can continue to assist in delivering your message and bringing communities together in a safe way.