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Up to 10,000+ listeners / Multi-channel / Expandable

Up to 100+ listeners / Dual Channel / Dual Band


AudioFetch’s wireless audio streaming system is perfect for classrooms, auditoriums, lecture halls, and reception areas. Replace assistive listening devices in the classroom with students’ smartphones, and provide real-time translation services. No messy wiring, headache-free installation and no monthly fees.

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Why AudioFetch for Education?

Why make your students and guests use clunky, outdated and unhygienic assistive listening devices when they have an assistive listening device in their pocket already?! Embrace the “bring your own device” (BYOD) culture, allowing your students to use their smartphones for hearing assistance, access to multilingual content, audio descriptions or any live voice audio.

At AudioFetch, our mission is to revolutionize and simplify assistive listening, helping more people stay present and connected in their current environments. AudioFetch is the proud creation of Broadcastvision Entertainment and Waio Inc., leveraging more than 15 years of experience to create the premier next generation wireless audio streaming product for educational facilities, theaters, churches, fitness centers, restaurants or any other type of venue.

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Real-Time Audio Streaming

Guaranteed low audio latency. Smartphone audio and TV video sync together.[/text-with-icon][text-with-icon icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”icon-dashboard” color=”Extra-Color-2″]

Customize Your Marketing

Display your logo & custom ads within the app to a captive audience.[/text-with-icon][text-with-icon icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”icon-mobile-phone” color=”Extra-Color-2″]

API Ready

Have your own app? Integrate AudioFetch into your own app using our API.[/text-with-icon]

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Hassle-Free Installation

Plug-n-play installation using your existing WiFi – no custom configuration required.[/text-with-icon][text-with-icon icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”icon-trophy” color=”Extra-Color-2″]

Multiple Input Types

Accepts 3 types of audio input (analog, optical or digital coax).[/text-with-icon][text-with-icon icon_type=”font_icon” icon=”icon-headphones” color=”Extra-Color-2″]

From 1 to 512 Audio Inputs

AudioFetch is efficient, flexible, and provides maximum performance across all applications.[/text-with-icon]

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[heading]What Our Education Customers Say[/heading]
[testimonial_slider style=”default”][testimonial image=”7073″ title=”Testimonial” tab_id=”1527784569680-3″ name=”Nathan P” subtitle=”Abertay University, Dundee UK” quote=”We were able to get the audio to broadcast over different subnets which means that staff and students who are split over different vlans can connect at the same time. It’s really quite something!! The app is plain and straight forward. We will certainly put these into any installs going forward which require assistive listening. I’m very impressed and glad I found AudioFetch!!” id=”1529347153971-2″] Click the edit button to add your testimonial. [/testimonial][testimonial image=”7151″ title=”Testimonial” tab_id=”1528736823866-0″ name=”AudioFetch App User” subtitle=”University Installation” quote=”Easy to download and connect to. The quality of sound was very good. There were no problems with dropouts or dips in the quality of the output.” id=”1580403298821-7″][/testimonial][/testimonial_slider]