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How to Listen to TV at Life Time Fitness with AudioFetch

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You’ve just finished all the Halloween candy, and now here comes Thanksgiving with that big turkey dinner and all those tempting desserts.  After that, you face the stress of getting ready for Christmas. What do you get for Aunt Edna and Uncle George?   There’s food everywhere this time of year.  Brownies on every reception desk, […]

How to Stream TV at the Gym – Just in Time for the New Year’s Rush!

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Why is it that you can a get wireless mouse, thermostat, or even a security system, but you can’t watch TV at the gym without being tethered to an Elliptical machine? While it’s not impossible to carry a tablet with earbuds through the gym, the pros (choosing what you want to watch, being able to […]

California Family Fitness Installs AudioFetch

CalFamFit - AudioFetch Audio Over WiFi

California Family Fitness, a premier family fitness center, has recently installed AudioFetch in all 19 of their locations in the Sacramento region. AudioFetch helps California Family Fitness meet their goal of providing members and employees of all ages a fun, friendly environment and to promote a healthy lifestyle through state-of-the-art equipment, programs, and activities. Our […]

Music Improves Exercise Endurance

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It’s easy to believe that music does its own part to help make a workout be more enjoyable. Most people, however, might be surprised that there is science to prove that music improves exercise endurance by stimulating physiological responses. That’s right, music is just as important to maximizing the potential of a workout as stretching and […]