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How To Improve Factory Tours with a Wireless Tour Guide System App

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Factory tours are a great way of getting a variety of people to see how your company works and the incredible people you have on your team. Potential investors, students, government inspectors, new employees, and more could all benefit from an insightful look into the workings of your factory.

The factory environment, however, is not always the most conducive to tour groups. The constant hum of machines, various safety hazards, narrow walkways — these challenges can make it difficult for tour guides to hear and be heard. To make the tour experience as valuable and enjoyable as possible, a wireless tour guide system helps to address the three key challenges of factory tours:

Noise on the Factory Floor

If there’s a great deal of noise in the factory, you may spend a lot of time shouting at your guests which can make them uncomfortable as they strain to hear you and could cause you to eventually lose your voice.

Worst of all, your visitors may miss part of what you are saying, especially if you have a small crowd where people have to stand behind others or when you have to turn away to lead them. If your visitors can’t hear you, they could lose interest or miss important information that you’re trying to pass along.  

Tour Safety

Given strict government regulations of manufacturing and factory work, safety issues can also be a concern for tours. You might need to keep visitors out of sensitive areas and away from machinery, and this is something that needs a reminder each time you move on.  

Also, members of the group might wander off or go to the restroom and get separated from their group – this is especially true with groups of students. It would be helpful to have a way to communicate with them so that they find their way back to the group.  

Not Disturbing Your Staff

While some areas of your workplace may be noisy, other areas may be quiet places where employees are concentrating on their work.  Hearing a tour guide speaking loudly could be disruptive. You’ll want to keep your voice low so you don’t disturb anyone and this can present another hearing problem for your tour group.

One way of overcoming all of these hearing issues is to use a wireless tour guide system that can stream audio directly to a user’s mobile device, allowing them to  hear every word via headphones or earbuds. You’ll never have to shout above the noise, and if you have to speak quietly, your guests will still be able to hear you by turning up the volume on their mobile device. Plus, because they use their own phones or tablets, you don’t have to worry about upkeep on clunky or outdated devices. It’s the perfect solution.

If you’d like to hear more about how AudioFetch products could improve your factory tours, as well as other benefits to your employees, contact us!

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How Music Improves Warehouse Productivity

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Employers have mixed feelings about listening to music at work. Some feel that it can be distracting or create isolation amongst employees. While others believe that it can improve employee morale and increase productivity. Fortunately–for both employers and employees–research points to the latter. According to ScienceDirect, this is especially true for employees working in a warehouse or factory floor, where tasks are clearly defined and repeated often.

Still on the fence about whether you should offer music to your warehouse employees? Here are four legitimate ways that music can improve productivity.

1. Improves Mood
Listening to music boosts the neurotransmitter dopamine, which helps to control the brain’s reward and pleasure centers. Increased dopamine means happier workers. And happier workers tend to work harder and smarter than grumpy ones.

2. Increases Concentration
Another benefit of increased dopamine levels is improved focus, according to ADD coach Peter Quily. He found improvements with ADD patients, but certainly all workers could prosper by from increased concentration.

3. Lowers Stress
Listening to music can also help to lower the perception of tension and . For people working on fast-paced or intricate lines, they won’t feel as stressed when listening to music, even if nothing else changes about their tasks.

4. Increases Work Speed
Music has also been shown to help employees work faster. Teresa Lesiuk, an assistant professor at University of Miami’s music therapy program, discovered that workers completed tasks more quickly while listening to music. She attributes it to the improved mood and calmer disposition, which helps workers take in more options with a clearer head.

Certain types or genres of music are better for warehouse employees. Studies have shown that ambient, classical and electronic music are best, providing the mood-lifting and focus-inducing benefits while removing distracting lyrics or overly-obtrusive melodies.

Additionally, it’s better to listen to familiar music when intense focus is required. This is because with new music, people tend to listen more intently to hear what’s coming next; they already know what is coming with familiar music so it’s easier to tune out and better focus on the task at hand.

How can you account for your employees tastes and familiarity? By using a system that streams local audio over WiFi. You can program up to 16 channels, allowing for varying music preferences and work style, while limiting your employees ability to access the internet and get distracted.

Allowing your factory employees to listen to music can make them happier throughout the day and more productive in the long run, increasing your warehouse’s output and improving overall business growth.