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The Top 3 Blogs of 2017

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We had an incredible year in 2017! We shared a lot of information about audio solutions for all types of businesses, as well as innovative ideas and tips for using audio to benefit your business and your community. However, the below three blogs were our most read during 2017. Take another look at these helpful posts, perhaps you might read something you missed.

Build Community with an Outdoor Movie Screening

Looking for a perfect way to bring your community together in an entertaining and unique event? We have a solution to help you make it happen.

How Audio Streaming Works

Local audio streaming over WiFi is an effective way to reach your patrons quickly, easily and often very personally. Learn how audio streaming works.

A Better Solution to Hearing Loops

Considering installing a hearing loop system in your building? Wireless audio streaming may be a better solution for you and your guests. 

Stay tuned for more great content in 2018 and let us know on our Facebook page if there are any topics you’d like us to cover. As always, if you have any questions about our audio streaming solutions, please contact us.

Happy new year from all of us at AudioFetch!


Announcing the AudioFetch Blog

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Are you an audio technophile looking for the latest trends and information about local audio streaming? Are you a business owner seeking ideas on driving new customers and providing a better experience for guests? Or are you a sound engineer at a large church in need of ways to help your attendees hear better during services? No matter what your interest or role, our new blog will have all the info you need on local audio streaming, commercial sound systems and getting more from your AudioFetch system.

For our fitness studios, we’ll cover topics such as “How Music Improves Exercise Endurance” and “7 Ways to Promote Your Local Audio Streaming Offer.” For sports bars, we’ll share the best way to listen to AudioFetch, answering the age-old question, one earbud or two? For all venues and AudioFetch customers, we’ll share real time and cost-savings benefits of local audio streaming, and provide instructions for running ads through your portal and viewing usage stats.

So check back often for new tips and info, and be sure to follow our social channels to stay up-to-date. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.