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What are the WiFI network requirements?

By May 12, 2020
What are the WiFI network requirements?

We pride ourselves at AudioFetch that we will be able to integrate AudioFetch to your facility’s WiFi network. We’ve deployed AudioFetch in some of the most technical WiFi installations in corporate environments, universities, medical facilities, hospitals, etc. 

We are the manufacturers and developers of AudioFetch and you will get many support resources. Our IT App Note is a start, but you’ll also get a real live person to help talk you through integration AudioFetch to your WiFi network if there are additional challenges.

WiFi Network general considerations include:
– High-end consumer-grade equipment at a minimum for smaller facilities, small business/enterprise equipment for medium or large facilities
– 300 Mbps N mode minimum
– Dual band (2.4GHz/5GHz) recommended
– Access Point with adequate WiFi range for facility
– Quality of Service and per-user bandwidth limits should be set
– Wired/Ethernet portion of network should be gigabit-capable if heavily used