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Why Casinos Are Using AudioFetch for Audio Over WiFi Streaming

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When people think about the typical uses for audio over WiFi streaming, they usually come up with businesses that have numerous muted TVs mounted in the building, like fitness centers and sports bars, or venues that need to provide a convenient assistive listening solution, such as houses of worship and theaters

What they don’t often think about are the more niche applications–a near-never-ending list of businesses and organizations that can benefit from using our wireless audio streaming technology. This list includes auctions, hospital waiting rooms, prisons, warehouses and factories, stadiums, airports, museums, multi-piece bands, and real estate companies to name just a few. 

It also includes casinos and gaming resorts, a growing application for our business that we’d like to highlight today.

Audio Over WiFi Streaming in Casinos

AudioFetch is a simple, convenient, affordable and flexible casino audio streaming system. It enables casinos to broadcast live, local audio to customers’ smartphones or tablets, ensuring that they can hear what they want, when they want, and wherever they are in the building. 

It’s simple. Installation is a breeze. AudioFetch integrates with your existing WiFi for a headache-free installation process that does not require any custom configuration, messy wiring, or remodeling.  

It’s convenient. Customers don’t need to borrow (and you don’t need to clean and maintain!) any additional devices or dedicated headsets. They listen with their smartphones, tablets, or other personal mobiles devices through the AudioFetch app. 

It’s affordable. AudioFetch does not charge any recurring fees whatsoever. Purchase the equipment and it’s yours to use as much as you like across as many audio sources as you like (well, up to 512, but that’s more than any of our customers have ever needed!). Plus, there’s no charge to customers to download and listen with the AudioFetch app. 

It’s flexible. The audio sources can be nearly anything, from muted TV screens to digital displays, and can provide real-time streaming of sportsbook announcements, fantasy bets, local game feeds, jackpot celebrations, floor-wide messages or anything else you would like to broadcast. 

Additionally, the AudioFetch app can be customized to match your casino’s brand or integrated into your own app to promote app adoption and keep the guests playing longer and coming back time and again. The app also includes free ad space to promote upcoming jackpots and contests, announce new games, advertise food and drink specials, gather opt-in emails, etc. 

Customers Using AudioFetch for Casino Sound Systems

Over the years, we have worked with numerous casinos, resorts, and gaming venues around the world to provide unique audio streaming entertainment options and hearing assistive solutions. Following are a few of our casino customers:

Winners INN and Casino, located in Winnemucca, NV, is more than just a casino. It’s a 3-star hotel with 122 rooms that offers great eats and entertainment, including more than 150 games/slots and tables. Combine all that with our AudioFetch system, and you have a winning combination 24 hours a day!

Next, we would like to highlight the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino Resort located in Hogansbur, NY.  Nestled amongst the St. Lawrence River and several smaller rivers, the Mohawk thrived for generations among black ash trees and sweetgrass, duck and deer, trout, and bass. You will feel the history in this beautiful location known as “Akwesasne” which translates to “Land where the partridge drums.” Today you can enjoy a fun getaway in upstate New York with more than 1,150 slot machines, a wide array of live entertainment, and a luxurious hotel stay with fine dining options.  

The Ballys in Evansville has all the amenities you’d expect from a world-class Casino, and you can even bring your pets for an extra dose of good luck! If you find yourself in Evansville, IN, bring your family, friends, and fur babies, and enjoy the good times paired with our AudioFetch.  

You will feel the Little River Casino Resort signature hospitality the minute you walk in through the doors.  Located in Manistee, MI, Little River Casino and Resort is one of the most exciting entertainment destinations in northwest Michigan. With more than 20 years of experience and 1,100+ slots and video poker machines, as well as dozens of table games, you’re bound to find the game that will help you win big. Also, with 292 rooms and an additional 95-space RV Park, it is the ideal traveler’s destination.  

Home of horse racing, Halftime Sports Bar and Casino located in Great Falls, MT is your destination for good times and gaming fun. Great eats, drink, and play with the support of live racing in Great Falls–it’s not to be missed!

Last but not least, Tropicana Laughlin is located in Laughlin, NV.  Tropicana Laughlin offers a wide variety of entertainment options including shows, casinos, nightlife, restaurants, and more. Combine that with our AudioFetch wireless audio streaming system while you play slots or watch the football game,  and you can’t go wrong.  

These are just some of the casinos that we have partnered with and highly recommend.  

Get Your Own Casino Audio Streaming System

Are you ready to provide a unique and convenient experience for your casino guests?  Contact us by calling 844-HI-FETCH or scheduling an appointment to discuss your needs and get a free quote and 30-day demo. 

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6 Articles to Help Your Church Get Ready For Easter This Year

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With Easter services just a couple of short months away, we wanted to share some of our most popular blogs about hearing assistance and translation services in churches. Check out the following articles to learn how to create a more inclusive environment for those with hearing impairments, how to welcome members that speak different languages, and how to create a safe space for congregants of all ages.

Help Your Congregation Hear Easter Services

Easter services bring in a larger crowd than usual each year. And while this year’s services will be anything but usual, houses of worship can still expect to see more community members visiting the church for the holiday. Whether your organization is planning to have indoor or outdoor services, there are ways you can help your larger-than-usual congregation hear better this Easter. Continue reading…

How to Make Your Worship Services More Accessible

Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment is a key goal for every type of religious organization. Church members and guests should be provided with resources and tools that allow them to take part in weekly services and other events to the fullest extent possible, despite any hearing impairments or language barriers. 

Yet, because houses of worship are exempt from the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and/or because many believe that addressing these requirements is too complicated and expensive, they neglect to take steps to create this welcoming community. Fortunately, we’re proud to offer a solution that is both simple and inexpensive to install. Our audio over WiFi solutions are designed to make it simple and affordable for any type of religious organization to make their services more accessible and welcoming to all types of audiences. Learn how AudioFetch helps those with hearing impairments and language barriers. Continue reading… 

How to Broadcast Your Church Services to Cars in Parking Lots

Many churches and houses of worship are continuing to modify how they deliver messages to congregations to practice social distancing for older or immunocompromised members. Online tools, virtual hangouts, social media, and drive-in church services in parking lots are all still in effect.  

We’ve worked with thousands of churches since the start of this global pandemic to help them create drive-in services. We are able to offer drive-in audio streaming through our products in two ways: Using AudioFetch to broadcast to smartphones or using an FM transmitter to broadcast to the car radio. Continue reading to learn more about these options

Is Audio Streaming Right for Your House of Worship?

A house of worship should be a place that brings people from all walks of life together for fellowship. With young and old, bilingual speakers and various disabilities all coming together in one space, a house of worship needs solutions to help meet its congregation’s audio needs. It used to be that adding assistive listening devices for churches wasn’t worth the trouble; programming changes and ongoing upkeep made it an expensive and burdensome addition. But modern solutions are able to eliminate all of that and leverage existing technology that works for everyone.

Here are a few of the reasons why a hearing assistive system could be a God-send for your house of worship. Continue reading…

Audio Solutions to Help Your House of Worship

Baby boomers represent about one-quarter of the American population and as they age, they may begin to experience hearing loss.  Along with that, approximately 5% of the total population experiences some type of hearing disability.  This makes it important for any religious organization to consider and anticipate their needs and give consideration to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), even if houses of worship are exempt from ADA requirements. Many houses of worship are looking for ways to leverage technology to make assistive listening and accessibility simpler, more effective, and less costly.  

For decades, houses of worship have used inductive loop systems to assist the hearing impaired, but these systems are cumbersome, expensive, and still require the use of a hearing aid which many people find embarrassing. Recent developments in hearing assistive technology, however, can be a great solution both for houses of worship with tight budgets to assist parishioners experiencing hearing loss.  Some devices use BlueTooth technology, which allows the pairing of cell phones and hearing aids to assist the congregation in hearing the service directly without having to use a headset.  

Audio streaming solutions that use built-in WiFi technology work similarly to BlueTooth. These assisted listening solutions for churches allow listeners to hear the service via an app on their own device (phone or tablet) using their own earbuds or headset which can be great for those who do not want to wear a hearing aid but still need the audio boosted. Continue reading…

How to Promote AudioFetch at Your Business or Organization

Installing AudioFetch at your business is a breeze. Getting customers to use it shouldn’t be difficult either! We offer several ideas for announcing the addition of AudioFetch wireless audio streaming at your church and getting more members to use it. Continue reading…

If you’re looking for an effective and cost-efficient audio solution for your house of worship for Easter, AudioFetch is it! Contact us by calling 844-HI-FETCH or scheduling an appointment to discuss your needs and get a free quote.