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5 Ways Local Audio Streaming Improves Your Guests Experience 1 - AudioFetch Audio Over WiFi

5 Ways Local Audio Streaming Improves Your Guest’s Experience

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Happy guests make for happy bar and restaurant owners. That’s because happy guests come back more often, and when they do, they spend 67% more than first-time customers. So how do you keep guests coming back (and ultimately spending more)? You might say by providing high quality of food and drinks at affordable prices. And you’d be right. But that’s not the full story. Guests are also looking for a comfortable environment for spending time with friends and family. They’re also looking for entertainment options, things that make dining out different than at home.

Local, live audio streaming provides both of these benefits, leaving customers more satisfied and increasing likelihood of repeat visits. Here are five ways that local audio streaming improves your guest’s experience.

1. Not Too Loud, Not Too Quiet

Local audio streaming is the Goldilocks of sports bar sound systems. They turn a guest’s phone into a personal listening device, allowing them to make the sound volume just right without inconveniencing other guests. Everyone wins!

2. A Little Something For Everyone

Speaking of everyone being winners, guests also have the option to choose their preferred game or program. Maybe Dad prefers football but Son likes hockey. Or Wife wants to watch the big game but Husband just wants to catch up on highlights from several sports. No more fighting over remotes!

3. More Productive Staff

When wait staff have to continually turn the sound up and down, turn TVs on and off, and flip through channels, they’re wasting time that could be spent taking orders, running food or checking on other customers. Being able to offer an app to listen to TV at the bar puts the power of sound in the customer’s hands, freeing your staff up to provide better service.

4. Family-Friendliness

Taking the family out to eat is a treat. A pleasant evening can quickly turn stressful, however, if the kids aren’t happy. Allowing kids to tune into a game or movie playing on a TV can help to extend that pleasant evening a little longer, making it a more enjoyable experience for the entire family.

5. Fantasy Sports Friendliness

People that play fantasy sports often have players on multiple real sports teams. With local audio streaming, they can easily switch from game to game see how each of their players is doing.

Offering your customers a unique and customize-able experience increases their satisfaction, and the likelihood that they’ll come back again and again.



Announcing the AudioFetch Blog 1 - AudioFetch Audio Over WiFi

Announcing the AudioFetch Blog

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Are you an audio technophile looking for the latest trends and information about local audio streaming? Are you a business owner seeking ideas on driving new customers and providing a better experience for guests? Or are you a sound engineer at a large church in need of ways to help your attendees hear better during services? No matter what your interest or role, our new blog will have all the info you need on local audio streaming, commercial sound systems and getting more from your AudioFetch system.

For our fitness studios, we’ll cover topics such as “How Music Improves Exercise Endurance” and “7 Ways to Promote Your Local Audio Streaming Offer.” For sports bars, we’ll share the best way to listen to AudioFetch, answering the age-old question, one earbud or two? For all venues and AudioFetch customers, we’ll share real time and cost-savings benefits of local audio streaming, and provide instructions for running ads through your portal and viewing usage stats.

So check back often for new tips and info, and be sure to follow our social channels to stay up-to-date. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.