BYOD…Assistive Listening Simplified.


Spare your guests clunky, outdated and unhygienic assistive listening devices when they have an assistive listening device in their pocket already! Embrace the “bring your own device” (BYOD) culture, allowing your audience to use their smartphones for hearing assistance, access to multilingual content, audio descriptions or any live voice audio.

At AudioFetch, our mission is to revolutionize and simplify assistive listening, helping more people stay present and connected in their current environments. To bring that goal to a wider audience, we’re giving away a free AudioFetch FetchExpress system to four lucky winners!

Whether you’re a tour company, church, educational facility, theater or any other type of venue, we want to help your guests hear better. Enter your business below for a chance to win. Simply submit your name, business and contact information, and a brief explanation of how AudioFetch could improve your guests’ experience and help grow your organization.

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