Features AudioFetch Others
Hardware Specially Designed and dedicated hardware Off the shelf Linux or Mac computer
WiFi Integration Integrates to existing WiFi (Signature) / Built-in WiFi (FetchExpress) Additional WiFi system
Processor Power Dedicated processor per input A single processor
Input Options Multiple Audio Input Options Analog Only
Two Versatile Platforms AudioFetch Signature and FetchExpress Hardwire only
Level of Expertise Designed and built in house Private labeled from 3rd party
Ad Portal Free easy-to-use ad and usage (metrics) portal Non existent or too complicated
Marketing Support Free marketing kit – signs, table tents, cardio clings, entrance stickers, etc. Non existent or incomplete
Flexible Mounting Small, flexible, expandable mounting options Big bulky rack mounted
Cables Included Free audio and ethernet cables for your application You are on your own
API Integration Option to integrate AudioFetch into your own App Not available
Warranty 3 years 2 years

Flexible Platforms – Choose between the Signature platform or the AudioFetch Express, or mix and match, to get the exact right solution for your application.

How the Other Guys Miss the Mark

Slow and software-intensive solution

They add more software to Linux or Mac computers already bogged down by Operating System (OS) software creating latency and scaling issues.

Redundant WiFi Required

They require customers to buy and maintain expensive, confusing, redundant WiFi systems.

Low Processing Power

They use a single computer processor for multiple input audio streams adding latency.

Lack of Tech Support

They lack the technical depth to support their customers because they buy private labeled hardware and apps from 3rd parties. We design, develop, assemble and support every product in-house.

Ad Portal M.I.A.

They either do not provide capability for adding custom content within the App or it is so complicated they require you pay a monthly fee for them to manage.

Adapters Required

They only provide analog audio input resulting in need to buy expensive digital adapters for some audio sources.

Batteries Not Included

They do not provide free audio and ethernet cables for their customer’s application and do not provide a free marketing kit for promoting TV audio to smartphone technology.

Can’t Integrate Into Your App

They cannot provide software or expertise for integrating audio into your existing App to increase adoption and usage of your App.

Rack Mounting Required

Their large, cumbersome equipment must be rack-mounted.

Confusing, Distracting App Interface

They try to re-create your website within their app, making them anything but user-friendly and distracting users from the sole purpose–streaming local audio.

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